Johan Kobayashi

Yahoo Auction finds and pictures I like.

Thinking about going to the airport soon just to hang out in the lounge. (Might as well nap at the airport and pick up Sean lmao)

And then a thought popped into my head

"I think all of this senseless killing and aggression must be deriving from fear.

Fearful people all over the place.

Fearing of suffering, fearing of not satisfying a manifesto.

Dependent on substance and guidance from hierarchy to justify their success.

Cowards lmao.”

All the cafe’s are probably still closed lol.

Pretty nasty lmaoIn the past I’ve found syringes and silverware at the bottom of that bowl at Burnside.
Lamb curry doria with fried oysters and miso soup

Christian Dada Spring/Summer 2014
choro-q cheer up man

choro-q cheer up man